Friday, 14 June 2013

LGBT/ART: The Fortune Teller, 50 Yrs of Faggotry in 5 Mins [By Leo Herrera]

This powerful video by gay artist and activist Leo Herrera is a powerful five minutes, looking at various aspects in the history of queer culture spanning more than 50 years. Using footage and imagery of iconic milestones, Herrera has created something amazing, including celebration of modern queer culture, pain and suffering, and the stigma that still plagues the LGBT community. 

It's definitely one to watch, and I think regardless of your age, being LGBT is incredibly important, and you should know your history.

The artist's statement:
“This film was created through that prism with the hopes that every gay man can find something to identify with. The Fortune Teller does not attempt to be an all-encompassing history; the clips in the Fortune Teller were curated based on icons and moments that personally defined me as a gay man. Mexican singer Juan Gabriel was the first gay person I identified with as a child, I’ve sat many nights laughing at Kid Fury’s preacher-like passion and razor wit, I still remember the first time I saw the androgynous Karis perform in the Scissor Sister’s Filthy/Gorgeous video and thought “I can be that?!” or the moment Hedwig sang Wicked Little Town and reminded me of the unrequited love of high school. My work in HIV Criminalization has made me see how deeply ingrained the stigma of HIV is within our community and my wild nights in San Francisco’s nightlife has shown me that a party can be a cathartic communal experience..”

You can get a breakdown of all the footage used in the video here. And more about Leo here.

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