Thursday, 18 April 2013

LGBT ART: The Pansy Project

The Pansy Project is an art project by Paul Harfleet. It could be called 'guerrilla-gardening' as Paul plants a single, un-marked pansy at the sites of homophobic attacks or crimes. Using social media to gather information, he has travelled from London to Manchester, New York to Berlin planting the flower as a form of tribute and a reminder that these things still happen regularly. The flower is then photographed, and titled usually with a phrase from the incident, with "gay boys", "fucking faggot" and  "you fucking queer cunt" just a couple of examples. 

Next time you see a lone pansy, just think there may be a deeper reason for it being there.

'For Michael Causer' Michael was killed in Liverpool in 2008
If you have experienced any form of homophobic abuse, you can contact Paul here and here. You can also click more to see his interview on ITV London News and more photos:

"Fuck off die faggots" Tottenham Court Road, London

"Fucking poofs" London Bridge

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