Thursday, 4 April 2013

MUSIC: Hard Candy X LO

Hard Candy have just dropped another mix - Spring Spring - in their Hard Candy X series; this time from German producer LO. It's perfect for springtime and nice for nearing the end of the week. There's a nice mix of bass, house and garage in there. It'd probably feel a lot more 'springy springy' if it wasn't still attempting to snow outside today...

Tracklist below:

01. French Fries –Merel
02. Queenie – And Every
03. French Fries Laquisha Dub
04. Cutoff! Cutoff! – Full Moon
05. Seven Wonders – Crazy
06. LO – You Feel It?
07. 123Mrk – Noname
08. Polkadot – Wasn´t Like That
09. Fion & Brame – What´s Up
10. C.R.S.T – Soul Glo (Part 1)
11. C.R.S.T – Final Frontier (Chesus Re-Dub)
12. Justin Timberlake Like I Love You (Utrecht Remix)
13. Knowa Becker – No No Diggity
14. Manar̩ РDown To Dis
15. Justin Timberlake – My Love (feat T.I)

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