Thursday, 30 May 2013

MUSIC: Stromae - Formidable

This man honestly is incredible and his dedication to his work is undeniable. In the latest upload to his 'Leçon' (Leçon n 25) series on YouTube, Stromae has revealed new song Formidable. 

The video shows him in Brussels at 8.30am - mid rushhour. He appears to be drunk, and stumbles around the pavement shouting various lines to his beautifully written song. As you expect, people react in various ways, from completely avoiding him or asking him if he needs help - to taking pictures and filming him. At one point, the local Police actually stop and recognise him - "a bit tired? I'm a big fan of yours. Want us to take you home?".

Look at my previous Stromae posts to gain a bigger insight into his work - and lookout for the followup to his debut album Cheese. 

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