Thursday, 16 May 2013

MUSIC: Zebra Katz - DRKLNG

Shiiiiit, we got a new Zebra Katz mixtape! It's classic ZK, and although fellow bad bitch Njena Reddd Foxxx doesn't make an appearance on this mix, it's still a killer! 

The highlight for me comes at 13 minutes, with new track Blk Wiccan [produced by Paul Devro]. It's tribal and dark, but perfect for a summer 'dutty whinee'. There's also a cover of 'I Think We're Alone Now' and a little Dancing On My Own sample!

"Love it when you dutty whine whine, get on top and grind grind."

Check out the European tour dates for Zebra Katz + Njena Reddd Foxxx this summer. If you haven't seen these two already, they BRING it, and their show is 100% worth every single penny.

Click more for tracklist:


Josephine Effect [Produced by Lenkemz]
Pulla Stunt [Produced by Mike Dextro]
Busta Rhymes - Ima Lead [Produced by Zebra Katz]
Y I DO [Produced by Jepordise]
Drk World [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]
Blk Wiccan [Produced by Paul Devro]
Drk Binder [Produced by Triple Six Sound Club]
LST CTRL [Produced by Mike Dextro]
Alone Now (Cover) [Produced by Mike Dextro]
W2TDS [Produced by Touch]
3rd Dgre [Produced by Deville]
Last Name, Katz [Produced by Mike Dextro]

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